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A Confident Mindset™ 


Unstoppable Confidence


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Summer Camp 2024

Week 1

June 17th – June 21th


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Week 2

July 8th – July 12th


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Week 3

Aug 5th – Aug 9th


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The Skill Sets offered by ConfidentLee® program include 

Mastering each of these skills will help each child to become successful in a competitive global society.

What is ConfidentLee

ConfidentLee® is a confidence building program based on A Confident Mindset™, a 6-step framework, created to develop confidence in children Classes and Camps are fun, interactive and highly developmental.

Why ConfidentLee

Our engaging and interactive proprietary methodology unlocks the inner confidence of the child to unlock their full potential. Building confidence is a step-by-step method and our highly trained instructors instill A Confident Mindset™ along with the skill set that they are learning.

Our Offerings

The ConfidentLee program offers camps for elementary and middle school students.

We offer weekend classes for high school students.