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ConfidentLee’s mission is to instill confidence in a child. Teaching them to have an entrepreneurial spirit encourages children to become tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Learning how to develop ideas to open a business of their own teaches a child creativity and the ability to think outside the box.

As each child explores business ideas that work for them their self-esteem improves. The process of making this business viable instills critical thinking and problem solving skills. Working in groups demonstrates to the children that it is equally important to be a team player as it is to be a leader.

Financial literacy and best practices for money handling can have a positive lifelong impact on the students. Trying to sell their product or service will instill good communication and social skills. They will learn to think on their feet and the importance of being persuasive yet pleasant.

Understanding how to grow the business and create a business plan will teach them the importance of planning, resilience and grit. Being socially responsible and contributing to society encourages children to become future community leaders. Understanding that not all children will become business owners, the skills of entrepreneurship will help them develop a vision for themselves and give them the tools to create a plan to achieve their goals.


Our entrepreneur course is taught both as an afterschool program and as a camp. Our experiential teaching methodology teaches both the theory of business along with practical experience. We teach the children how to find opportunities where others find problems!

Our highly effective methods and engaging curriculum include hands-on activities and real-world simulations. The entrepreneurship program will teach the following skills:

  • Discovering individual talents
  • Financial literacy and money handling
  • People skills and the ability to “speak up”
  • The importance of having grit and perseverance
  • To lead with confidence and to engage in teamwork
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How we teach

Entrepreneurship Skills 

We teach the required skills to create and run a business. Children learn to do this by integrating theory with practice.

Skills taught:

  • Significant time creating and working on a real business
  • Role-playing and group discussions
  • Performing in a safe and encouraging environment
  • Training provided by proficient Confidence Creators
  • Providing constructive feedback and evaluation by Confidence Creators and peers
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Outcome of the

Entrepreneurship Program 

Gaining the spirit of entrepreneurship will teach children important life skills. Talented and trained Confidence Creators teach in a small group setting. Upon completion of this course students will:

  • Feel a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem
  • Become problem solvers and creative thinkers
  • Have the ability to think on their feet and present their thoughts
  • Learn to speak with poise and purpose
  • Become both leaders and a team players
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Wide Selection of Entrepreneurship

Program Offerings

We offer a wide selection of proprietary Entrepreneurship programs that are cross-curricular to nurture the whole child.

  • With ConfidentLee®, children can experience different program offerings every time they enroll.
  • Each program offers different topics, exercises and games that keep the children engaged.
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Note to


This program supports the overall development of children by teaching them crucial life skills.

  • If your child is an introvert they will learn to overcome shyness, anxiety and nervousness using our proven strategies and methodology
  • Children will gain knowledge and practical skills for life’s endeavours
  • They will learn that entrepreneurship is not just a course, it is a way of life
  • They will learn both with coursework and practical experience
  • Sessions will be videotaped/photographed to evaluate students’ progress
  • All sessions have a final presentation for families

Our highly effective methods and engaging curriculum includes relevant content and hands-on activities.

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ConfidentLee® Toolkit

All students will receive a student workbook. They will also receive a certificate of completion at the final presentation.