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Ā  Personal Development

The ConfidentLeeĀ® Personal Development program teaches children to not only excel as a student, but to excel as a person as well. While perfection is not the goal, if we chase perfection, we will obtain excellence. These courses will teach children skills that are vital for their future success.

Too often in today’s society, we come across people just trying to get by and not go the extra mile. These skills will help our students to not only meet society’s expectations, but to surpass them further than they could have imagined.

To Personal Development means a variety of things. It means having a passion for greatness, a thirst for personal fulfillment, and a hunger for something beyond their wildest dreams.Ā  Having a mindset of constant improvement exposes them to a world of possibilities.

The children will learn to present these skills with confidence, both as an individual and while working as a team with others. Our practical and hands-on activities help children to develop these skills and pursue their point of excellence. All of these ideals and more will be taught within our Personal Development program.


Our Personal Development Courses can be taught both as an after-school program and as a camp.

Our highly effective methods teach children the expertise and skills needed to become a better student, leader and person. In these courses, the students are taught the following skills:

  • Effective studying in an academic setting
  • Looking at a problem and brainstorming ways to solve it
  • Managing relationships with effective communication
  • Becoming an effective leader
  • Overcoming obstacles and pushing past failures with resilience
  • The ability to listen actively and respond with respect and confidence
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WhatĀ we teach in

Ā  Ā Personal Development

We teach the skills necessary for children to obtain excellence. The children will learn:

  • Time management and study skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Resume writing and interview skills
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Outcome of the

Personal Development Program

Providing instruction to students so that they learn to be leaders, show resilience and have good teamwork skills enables them to achieve a relentless pursuit of self-betterment. The Personal Development takes practice and perseverance.Ā  A solid foundation in these skills give children the necessary building blocks for a solid future filled with confidence and opportunity.

In this course students learn to:

  • Think in terms of quality and improvement
  • Achieve higher academic success
  • Take on leadership opportunities
  • Have better career opportunities in their future
  • Grow and develop as a person when they set out to do more than is required
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Wide Selection of Personal Development

Ā  Offerings

  • We offer a wide selection of proprietary Personal Development programs that impart important life skills to nurture the whole child.
  • With ConfidentLeeĀ®, children can experience different program offerings every time they enroll.
  • Each program offers different topics, exercises and games that keep the children engaged.
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Note to


This program supports the overall development of a child’s academic and non-academic needs by teaching them crucial life skills:

  • Children will learn to feel confident in their own decisions and actions.
  • They will gain knowledge and practical skills for life’s endeavors.
  • They will learn both with coursework and practical experience.
  • Sessions will be videotaped/photographed to evaluate students’ progress.
  • All sessions have a final presentation for families.

    Our highly effective methods and engaging curriculum includes relevant content and hands-on activities.

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ConfidentLee® Toolkit

All students will receive a student workbook. They will also receive a certificate of completion at the final presentation.