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    Global Awareness

Global Awareness is a conceptual understanding based upon knowledge that one has about global and cultural perspectives. The understanding of concepts that impact the world include, but are not limited to, the geographical, social, cultural, language and economical facets of a particular culture/country.

It also means possessing the awareness and sensitivity to the differences and the commonalities among people of different ethnicities, religions, cultures, heritages and life experiences.

Many business leaders rate awareness of the wider world as important as speaking a foreign language. They believe the “soft” skills of cultural awareness and understanding global issues are of great value.

Global Awareness will create a workforce of those who understand the world and how it works across a broad range of subjects.


Our Global Awareness Course is taught both as an afterschool program and as a camp.

Our highly effective methods help the children become aware of different cultures around the world. In this course, the students will develop their:

  • Ability to embrace diversity
  • Desire to learn from and contribute to those that are different.
  • Appreciation of multicultural norms and traditions
  • Knowledge to succeed in the new global world marketplace
  • Oral presentation skills
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How we teach

    Global Awareness

We believe that children learn best by combining instruction with practice.

Our methodology involves:

  • Significant time engaging in hands on activities and crafts
  • Role-playing
  • Performing in a safe and encouraging environment
  • Training provided by proficient Confidence Creators
  • Providing constructive feedback and evaluation by Confidence Creators and peers
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What we teach in

    Global Awareness

We teach content that helps the child learn about a country and culture that is different from theirs. The child learns to do this by integrating theory with practice.

Skills taught:

  • Knowing the geography
  • Understanding the people, religion, art and culture
  • Gaining awareness about their language, food and daily lives
  • Learning about sports, holidays, economy and currency
  • Giving an oral presentation
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Outcome of the

Global Awareness Program

Gaining an understanding of various countries and cultures will teach children the important skills necessary to be successful in today’s global economy. Talented and trained Confidence Creators teach in a small group setting.

Upon completion of this course students will:

  • Feel a greater sense of confidence about diversity
  • Have a better understanding of other nations and cultures
  • Have increased knowledge of global issues
  • Be able to bridge cultural gaps
  • Become citizens of the world
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Wide Selection of Global Awareness

    Class Offerings

  • We offer a wide selection of proprietary Global Awareness programs that are cross-curricular to nurture the whole child.
  • With ConfidentLee®, children can experience different program offerings every time they enroll.
  • Each program offers different topics, exercises and games that keep the children engaged.
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Note to


This program supports the overall development of children by teaching them crucial life skills.

  • Children will feel comfortable around people from different backgrounds
  • They will learn to become globally aware
  • Provides both coursework and practical experience
  • Sessions will be videotaped/photographed to evaluate students’ progress
  • All sessions have a final presentation for families
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ConfidentLee® Toolkit

All students will receive a student workbook. They will also receive a certificate of completion at the final presentation.