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    Public Speaking

Acquiring the skills necessary to become an effective public speaker can contribute to a child’s future success, at school, a social gathering or at the workplace. Employers have consistently ranked public speaking and the ability to communicate as one of the top skills that they look for when hiring. 

The ConfidentLee® public speaking program teaches children both aspects of public speaking, writing and delivery of the speech. Each of them being equally important. Students learn to organize and deliver both impromptu speeches and prepared speeches, with ease, in front of their peers. 

Learning to organize their speech trains the children to take a topic and present their ideas in a logical manner using reliable evidence to support their position. Learning to deliver their speech using both verbal and non-verbal skills helps to make an impact. 

The children learn to speak with confidence, both in a small group or public setting. Our practical and hands-on activities help children develop organizational, leadership and critical thinking skills.


Public Speaking is taught both In-Person and and Live-Online.

Our highly effective methods of combining A Confident Mindset™ with essential public speaking skills teaches children how to become a confident speaker. In this course, the students are taught the following skills:

  • Creating a compelling speech outline
  • Delivering a speech with vocal variety
  • Engaging the audience with eye contact
  • Presenting with poise and body language
  • Giving and receiving feedback
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How we teach

    Public Speaking

Our methodology is “Mindset before Skill set”

  • Introducing children to the 6-step framework of A Confident Mindset™
  • Instilling confidence building social emotional skills in children Informing children that confidence in public speaking comes from Actions of Practice™.
  • Role-playing and presenting in a safe and encouraging environment
  • Providing feedback through Glows and Grows™
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What we teach in

    Speech Writing

We teach the skills necessary to write various types of speeches. The children learn to build a speech by learning how to:

  • Prep for outlining the speech
  • Frame the introduction, body and conclusion
  • Use transition words
  • Manage use of allotted time
  • Avoid reading the speech verbatim
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What we teach in

    Speech Delivery

We help children practice delivery. These Actions of Practice™ help the students to connect to the audience by:

  • Encouraging eye contact
  • Including gestures and expressions
  • Having appropriate tone, inflection, and volume
  • Focusing on clarity and speed
  • Using vocal variety
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    of the Class 

Public speaking is a lifelong skill. Talented and trained ACM Certified Instructors teach in a small group setting. In this course students learn to:

  • Speak with confidence and poise
  • Think on their feet and present their thoughts
  • Synthesize information in a clear and concise manner
  • Become better listeners
  • Engage with others to become better communicators
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Wide Selection of Public Speaking

    Class Offerings

  • We offer a wide selection of proprietary Public Speaking programs that are cross-curricular to nurture the whole child.
  • With ConfidentLee®, children can experience various different program offerings.
  • Each program offers different topics, exercises and games that keep the children engaged.
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Note to

    Well-Meaning Adults

This class supports the overall development of children’s academic and non-academic needs by teaching them crucial life skills:

  • If the child is an extrovert, they will learn to write and deliver a speech with purpose, expression and passion.
  • If the child is an introvert they will learn to overcome shyness, anxiety and nervousness using our proven strategies and methodology
  • Children will become confident when speaking in front of others.
  • Sessions will be videotaped to evaluate the student’s progress.
  • All sessions have a final presentation.
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ConfidentLee® Toolkit

All students will receive a student workbook. They also receive a certificate of completion at the final presentation.