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   Social Skills

Our programs are designed to instill in children the value of effective social interaction helping them cultivate good social skills, etiquette and manners. ConfidentLee® is about self-discovery through which children learn good behavior for use in day-to-day life.

Some children seem to be socially adept from birth and others seem to struggle. Those with better social skills have a significant advantage in life. However, it is important to note that social skills and social communication can be learned. Shyness can be overcome!

The ConfidentLee® mini-courses will impart the foundational skills of effective social interaction. These include introducing yourself, introducing others, using effective gestures and facial expressions, respecting personal space, taking turns and being respectful of others.

As children interact in social situations they develop a range of interpersonal skills that will become the foundation of their personality in later life. ConfidentLee® helps children understand themselves, enabling them to develop their own unique personalities and style.


The Social Skills course is taught both as an afterschool program and as a camp. Students learn essential life skills that will help them in school and beyond. This course will prepare them for meaningful social interactions. Through role playing and activities, children will learn the standards that demonstrate appropriate behavior. The mini course/camp will teach the following skills.

  • Understanding of manners and etiquette
  • Making lasting impressions
  • Polite communication with others
  • Having sportsmanship and empathy
  • Mealtime manners 
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How we teach

    Social Skills

We believe that children learn best by combining instruction with practice.

Our methodology involves:

  • Hands on instruction
  • Role-playing
  • Classroom discussions
  • Training by proficient instructors
  • Providing constructive feedback and evaluations
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What we teach in

   Social Skills

Students will learn proper etiquette and social skills that will make them stand out in a crowd. Respecting and valuing others, developing high integrity, and making others feel at ease promotes self-esteem and confidence.

Skills Taught:

  • Friendly introductions
  • Conversation skills
  • Good personal habits
  • Best practices for everyday verbal and nonverbal behavior
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Outcome of the

    Social Skills Program

Providing instruction to students so that they learn to be polite, considerate and respectful to others enables them to feel strong and confident, even in situations they are unaccustomed to. A solid foundation in etiquette and manners gives children the necessary building blocks for a solid future filled with poise and confidence.

  • In this course students learn to:
  • Make impeccable introductions
  • Show respect both in face to face and online interactions
  • Gain respect from peers and adults
  • Communicate with ease
  • Demonstrate good manners at mealtimes
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Wide Selection of Social Skills

    Class Offerings

  • We offer a wide selection of proprietary Social Skills programs that are cross-curricular to nurture the whole child.
  • With ConfidentLeet®, children can experience different program offerings every time they enroll.
  • Each program offers different topics, exercises and games that keep the children engaged.
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Note to


This course supports the overall development of children’s academic and non-academic needs by teaching them crucial life skills. All children will benefit from this course:

  • If your child is shy, they will learn to overcome their anxiety and engage confidently with others. 
  • If your child is an extrovert, they will learn the appropriate social skills to converse with poise.
  • Children will feel more confident at school and social gatherings.
  • Sessions will be videotaped to evaluate the students’ progress.
  • Confidence Creators will provide intervention and guidance.

Our highly effective methods and engaging curriculum includes relevant content and hands-on activities.

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ConfidentLee® Toolkit

All students will receive a student workbook. They will also receive a certificate of completion at the final presentation.