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Our story began in 2014, when our founder, Namita Prasad, was working closely with children to hone and develop their academic skills. However, many students lacked the understanding what it took to become a confident student. She asked fellow educators, extra-curricular activity instructors and parents if they believed that being confident would affect the academic outcomes of a student, the answer was unanimously “yes”. Namita asked herself, if confidence is the key to success of a child, how was it being taught. She quickly found out that even though all well-meaning adults believed it was crucial, no child was being taught how to become confident. This was being left to circumstance and life experiences.

Namita began explaining to students how to become confident students through Actions of Practice™ and creating Circles of Confidence™. This methodology resonated with the children and the well-meaning adults in their life. She then created the 6-step framework to instill A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) in children. She first explained the 6-step framework and then the skill itself. The results were outstanding.

“Mindset before Skill set”, opened the minds of the children to say “why not” instead of why to opportunities. She realized that for their true personal development and for them to be well rounded, they must be equipped with the mindset before teaching them any skill set. It was this vision of empowerment that Ms. Prasad founded ConfidentLee®. ConfidentLee®’s mission is to first instill A Confident Mindset™ (ACM) which will change the outcome of any skill set.

In early 2015, ConfidentLee® offered its first public speaking class where ACM was instilled prior to teaching inflection and vocal variety. The shy and introverted student understood that they can become confidence with Actions of Practice™. The outgoing student made progress worked on perfecting their delivery and presenting with poise and eloquence. Each child found their own personal success and understood that confidence is a feeling that they do not need to possess to start out with. It was the feeling they would have after the actions of practice.


Over the years, people from all over the world reached out to Namita to ask her about the 6-step framework. To share her “secret sauce” she wrote the book, The Power of Why Not to serve as a guide to raising kids that are happy, kind and successful.

Today under the platform of ConfidentLee®, many classes, courses and summer camps are offered such as Entrepreneurship, Social Skills and Global Awareness.

Our approach resonated both with the children and parents. Soon parents began inquiring about confidence building classes for adults which are offered through www.namitaprasad.com

ACM is also offered as a K-8 program in schools www.aconfidentmindset.com