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Terms and Conditions

We have carefully reviewed the program information, website (www.confidentlee.com)

  • ConfidentLee is a highly effective program, however we do not offer any guarantee of outcome. Each child has their own unique learning ability to assimilate new skills and learns at their own pace. Our staff works hard to impart these skills to the students, but ConfidentLee hereby disclaims any expressed or implied warranties or guarantees of success of any nature.


  • We understand that for the program to be successful we will support our child by arriving to classes on time, allowing access to supervised used of internet for work assignments as needed, ensuring that our child completes all assigned homework, encouraging our child to practice at home and provide reasonable tools needed to create visual aids, presentations etc.


  • ConfidentLee does not provide daycare services. Students must be picked up promptly after class time. Parents are responsible for promptly picking up their child/children from ConfidentLese’ class location. Please be waiting for your child at the time of class dismissal. Any late pick up after that will be charged a fee of $1/minute, paid directly to the care provider at the class location. However, if we are unable to contact you and we have not heard from you about the delay in pickup, we will only supervise your child for a reasonable time and then call the appropriate authorities to take custody of them. Also, parents are at all times solely responsible for the provision of any medical care or other special needs the student might have.


  • The tuition refund policy is as follows: Only 50% of the tuition will be refunded for cancellation 14 days prior to the beginning of camp. Only 25% of the tuition will be refunded for cancellations within 10 days of the beginning of camp. No refunds will be made for cancellations within 10 days of the camp start date. Rescheduling to other weeks is based on availability.


  • My child's participation in the ConfidentLee classes we have selected is voluntary. I understand that the selected activities may involve accidental injury and hereby voluntarily assume such risks. Knowing these risks, I want my child to participate in this class. I (on behalf of my child) hereby assume the risk, and hereby waive, release, and discharge ConfidentLee, its officers, employees, activity instructors and assistants, and all officers and employees of the facility where the classes are being conducted for any and all claims for damages for personal injuries, or claims for damages to property, which my child or my child's heirs, assigns, executors or administrators may have or which may accrue due to my child's participation in this activity, not relating to negligence on the part of ConfidentLee. I have read the above and understand important legal rights are being waived.


  • I consent to ConfidentLee and its related entities for the use of any photographs or video recording that are taken of my child while participating in the activities for use in ConfidentLee’s brochures, program materials and website, both that are distributed as printed document and on the internet. No payment will be made for use of these photographs and/or videos. Your child's name would never be used in connection with these images.