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Unleash Your Voice.

Transform Your Future.

Start Speaking.

Start Leading.

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Unleash Your Voice.

Transform Your Future.

Start Speaking.

Start Leading.

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Do you feel nervous speaking in front of others?
Is it hard to express your ideas confidently, whether in class, at events, or in everyday conversations?
Do you wish you could communicate more effectively and assertively with anyone?

If you find yourself nodding along, you're in the right place—this Speak Up workshop is designed just for you.

 Speak Up:

A Revolutionary Public Speaking Workshop for High School Students to Find Their Voice and Communicate with Confidence Anywhere

What our course includes

Engage in a dynamic learning experience with our sessions, available in-person for your convenience.

These tactics are crafted for instant application, delivering tangible results swiftly in the classroom and in life.

Enhance your Speak Up workshop experience with our companion workbook, packed with exercises, tips.

Each workshop includes a one-hour follow-up session, 2-3 weeks later, to answer your questions and reinforce your public speaking and communication skills.

Confidently express ideas, learn to give and receive constructive feedback, and develop active listening skills.

On Day 2, families are invited to attend the final presentation to witness and celebrate the progress and newfound confidence of our students.


 you will receive

28 Days “Speak Up Success Journal” to help you stay on track and further hone your public speaking skills. 

Set goals, reflect on your progress and continue to elevate your communication skill and develop A Confident Mindset™.

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Our Methodology









High school Workshop Outline

Dates: TBD Weekend  I  Time: 10 AM - 5 PM

Pre-Workshop Preparation: Before the workshop, students will receive a packet to create the outline of their speech. This pre-work is mandatory to maximize their in-class experience.

Workshop Format

Day 1: Morning

  • Developing A Confident Mindset™: Learn techniques to develop courage and boost your self-belief.
  • Face Your Fears: Unpack what is holding you back from speaking up in front of others.
  • Coping Mechanisms: Develop techniques to reduce anxiety and nervousness.

Day 1: Afternoon

  • Speech Development: Work on re-structuring your speech and making the content engaging.
  • Engage the Audience: Understand who is in your audience and how to structure your delivery to captivate them.
  • Visual Aids: Students will learn best practices for visual aids. In this workshop we will not be creating them. The focus will be on speaking.

Day 2: Morning

  • Practice Delivery: Focus on vocal variety, body language, and pacing to deliver your speech with impact.
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback: Learn active listening skills, respectful communication and how to give constructive feedback.
  • Group Presentation: Practice delivering to you peers and instructors and receive feedback.

Day 2: Afternoon

  • Practice 1: Fine-tune your speech and practice with a partner
  • Practice 2: Present to instructor to fine tune delivery skills.
  • Final Presentation: Present your speech to an audience
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Workshop Benefits:

  • Develop a confident and engaging speaking style.
  • Learn to create compelling stories to enhance your message.
  • Improve your ability to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • Gain practical experience in using visual aids.
  • Showcase your progress in a final presentation for parents.

Build the confidence to "speak up" and "show up"

Your Instructor

Namita is a Confidence Educator & the founder of A Confident Mindset™ a 6-step framework to developing unstoppable confidence. Confidence wasn't innate for her; it's a mindset she cultivated. Namita was a television hostess for 9 years. She is a sought out speaker and speaks about confidence building for children and women empowerment. She is also the author of the best selling book, The Power of Why Not. She and her team of instructors have been teaching Public Speaking since 2015.